Question: What are the penalties for a second offense OWI in Wisconsin?

Answer: In Wisconsin, if you are convicted of a second offense OWI, there is a mandatory minimum of five days in jail and a maximum of six months in jail. So at that point the range is the judge is not allowed to give you less than five days and not allowed to give you more than six months. There’s a minimum fine of $350 up to a maximum fine of $1,100; a minimum revocation of your drivers license of 12 months up to a maximum of 18 months. Generally speaking, and licensing can be quite specific, but for the average normal person, that is going to mean 45 days without any license and then after that should be eligible for an occupational license, again for work, school, other necessary activities. It’s not necessarily included as a direct penalty of the OWI, but the ignition interlock device is going to be mandatory on any second offense or higher offense in Wisconsin, and there’s also a mandatory assessment that must be done. And any treatment that is recommended from that assessment must be completed within the first year.

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